What is it: Finlosophy aims to dispense essential knowledge of personal finance and create awareness. Instead of bestowing ad-hoc periodic attention to some seasonal investment favorites, it advocates to develop a wholesome philosophy towards all aspects of personal finance. It emphasizes on creating simple tools for reducing time overhead in managing investments and assist in disciplined execution of a financial plan.

What is it NOT: It is not a financial advice of any kind for any investment. It is not solicitation for any investment. It will never provide any stock tips.

Whom is it for: Common man, who is neither a financial wizard, nor care to be one. People who do not make living out of investing, people who earn their bread from some other profession but don’t want their money to be idle and watch inflation eroding its value. People who not necessarily chase highest return, nor can spend a lot of time just managing money. People who have more to life than just money, but rightly want their hard earned money to work and grow.

Why: Fragmented approach to money appear to be common in India. Towards the end of financial year, people rush to "invest for saving tax", and market is flooded with low return bonds targeting them. Misselling of ULIP reached such a scale that regulator IRDA stepped in to curb malpractices and issued guidelines. Merging insurance and investment is not necessarily wise anyway. Market for financial products in India is driven by "sellers" and not "buyers". Many agents peddle a product because it makes them most commission rather than it fits customer’s need, and they count on investor's ignorance. Finlosophy aims to do its bit towards financial literacy. Jago Investors Jago!